good shower trolley, is important to get which can handle the weight and needs that comes with assisting people with shower and hygiene. When it comes to what manufacturer to choose, TR Equipment is the best choice with their focus on simplicity, hygiene and functionality in their products. Their shower trolleys are of course no exception and holds the high standards needed to assist patients with their hygiene and treatment of their bodies. 

Thanks to the durability it also has a long lifetime, meaning you don't have to repair it nor buy a new one and thus have a very low cost of ownership. The design also lowers the amount of stress and strain on the body for the one handling the patient while also taking the patient's comfort in mind though its foldable head end rail.

Easier handling

So, for those seeking an easier way to handle the showering of patients that for one reason or another ​​cannot do it by themselves, shower trolleys from TR Equipment. Of course, you can use them for more than just showering the patient as they can be used to dressing, medical treatment and nursing among other things. It makes transporting patients quicker and easier, saving you time and money in turn. 

​With the high capacity batteries inside, you can use the shower trolleys for prolonged periods of time without needing to recharge. Of course, it's not just for hospitals and it can be acquired for private use if needed.​